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Why Should I Publish With Raider Publishing International?

Reason #1

A book that is not promoted will not succeed. Here at Raider Publishing 
we promote our titles through TV, Radio, press releases, our own 
internet Radio network and through our own literary magazine. All of 
these promotions are legally guaranteed in our contracts and will be 
optimized for maximum exposure and sales by our team of dedicated 
professionals. We are currently the only publisher in the entire world 
that creates TV and Radio ads for it’s books and legally guarantees
that these promotions will reach at least a half a million potential 
buyers. For some examples of ads that we have created, please scroll 
down to the video and audio files below.

Reason #2

Unlike other publishers, we realize that a book won’t sell if it’s 
not produced with quality in mind. Our team of book cover designers will 
never place a limit on how many designs they will come up with until you 
are satisfied with the final product. Equally, our editors will 
comprehensively work on the text of your book in order to bring it up to 
market standards. They will then take the time to go over the book with 
you, one on one, to work out any issues they might have noticed. On the 
open market our editing service alone has been appraised at over three
thousand dollars, and our design services could be considered even 
higher. As a Raider author, you are getting quite a deal on production, 
with a high level of quality and your approval in mind.

Reason #3
Sales Record

Our top priority in terms of marketing is getting your book on as many 
shelves as possible. This can only be done if the sales terms that we 
offer global retailers are favorable. We offer a 50% trade discount on 
our titles to our retail partners. As this figure represents the profit 
margin for stores, this gives our books a better chance for success. On 
average other publishers offer discounts around ten percent. Below is a 
listing of the discount rates for other leading publishers, along with
an average sales ranking, provided by statistics. You can see 
that this approach does lead to higher sales. Here at Raider Publishing 
International we are serious about selling books.

Publisher                                            Retail Discount

Raider Publishing                                    50%
PublishAmerica                                    10-15%
iUniverse                                               15%
Authorhouse                                         5-15%
Harper Collins                                     5-40%
Penguin                                                40%
Random House                                     35-40%

***Statistics Provided By Ingram International Book Distribution

Publisher                                           Average Amazon Sales Ranking

Raider Publishing                                  805,003
iUniverse                                          1,392,950
Authorhouse                                      2,954,839
PublishAmerica                                 4,885,444

***Statistics Provided By

We hope that this information will help you in your search for the 
publisher that is right for you and your book. 

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