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I was initially attracted to Raider Publishing International because the director, Adam Salviani, is also an author. He knows what it takes to write a book because he has climbed that mountain himself. I found Adam and his team to be refreshingly focused on their authors rather than on simply making a profit. He has a passion for writers and their beloved books born on the long and agonizing road of publishing. And it shows. Every step of the way the staff of RPI have guided me with patience, answered my innumerable questions with meticulous care and treated my book with respect. I strongly urge any writer who wishes to become an author to avoid publishers who chase the bottom line in the corporate rat-race, and sign up with a company that has not forgotten the reasons we write in the first place. Raider Publishing International met and exceeded my expectations and receives my strongest endorsement and highest recommendation.

                            Author, Stephen J Hurlin


Ever since I was twelve, I have always dreamed of becoming a published author. I was told by many that such dream rarely came to fruition because the publishing world was a very competitive one and that there were millions of books that were being rejected on daily basis by publishing houses. I was a bit discouraged but then I knew it was impossible to give up my dream being that it was a burning zeal.

When I completed my first two manuscripts and swung into action, action of scouring for a publisher, I first started with traditional publishers. The first two companies rejected my manuscripts and the third accepted one out of the two, but only with a very tiny fee to bag home as an advance payment. When I spoke to a couple of well meaning writers who are successful self published authors and disclosed the amount the company had proposed to pay me, they advised me to turn down the offer and go for a self publishing company instead. I then began the journey of scanning for self publishing companies that suit my needs. It took me a while to finally make up my mind on which one to contact because there were quite a number of them. But then my instinct pinpointed Raider Publishing International after I had thoroughly gone through their web pages. I wasn’t sure if I could trust them, but I trusted my instinct which persuaded me to go ahead and contact them. My first contact with them was very pleasant; their sense of modesty and willingness to help me discover my dream was overwhelming. Without giving it a second thought, I delved in to sign my first publishing contract with them, because I believe in the saying that ‘first impression matters’. Since then, I have been an author of Raider. The publishing business between us and the author/publisher relationship have been going smoothly. I have not had any single cause to complain or regret working with this noble company. They have always delivered on time; honesty and selflessness being their watchword, always willing to help authors no matter how little or big, difficult or simple.

I have presently completed my third manuscript which I have confidently and gladly entrusted in Raider’s care and impatiently waiting to sign my third contract.

As long as I continue to write, Raider will always remain my business partner as I am already addicted to her. I would like to seize this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to Adam Salviani and the entire Raider Publishing International staff around the globe for their great professionalism, enormous care and co-operation. I REMAIN GRATEFUL TO THEM FOR DISCOVERING ME. I recommend authors, published and unpublished to benefit from this wonderful experience.

Jonathan U. Okafor, author of Agony of a Child and Season of Tears (published and released in 2008 by Raider Publishing International)

As the completion of my first novel started approaching its end, my mind got grappling with the need to find a publisher.  I searched the web; firstly looking for a local publisher but as a first published I did not receive many replies to my emails and those that did respond were not interested.


My self-esteem and confidence was low after being ignored and rejected but then I was delighted and relieved when I by sheer chance and good luck found the website of Raider Publishing.


After sending the customary three chapters and being accepted I was very pleasantly surprised at the very chivalrous and responsive politeness that I found in dealing with Adam Salviani.

All the times of doubts and anxieties I found Adam willing to address and deal with anything that looked like a problem or difficulty, regardless of how insignificant they appeared to be and explain procedure and alleviate my ignorance and fears.


Simply put:  Adam has been a wonderful and supportive publisher who did what he agreed to do and delivered on time, with an end-product that I can feel proud of.   I certainly could not have wished for anyone better and I will definitely consider working with Raider Publications as my first choice again for my next novel, which is slowly being conceived.

- Lois Stal     Author of, The Neptune Cycle 2012

        When I first dealt with Raider Publishing International, I naturally had my doubts. Dealing directly with a Publisher was the first, the service presented the second, and the percentage royalties on offer was the third.

        These doubts were soon put to rest when I received the first e-mail from Adam. I instinctively new, and felt, that here is a Publisher who cares for me, the writer and my work. Further more, Adam had no hesitation in supplying me with another South African writer’s e-mail so I could verify what Raider advertised.

        Being a collector of rejection notes through the years, I suddenly found myself among people that saw and appreciated my efforts in writing stories. People who understood the blood, sweat, tears and hope every writer encounters.

        The more I dealt with Adam and the Raider team, the more the ‘people’ of Raider became companions on the road of getting published. Adam took my hand and guided me. He patiently answered my ‘first timer jitters’ questions. Some were so stupid that I feel ashamed today for asking them, yet, for Adam it was serious questions that needed serious answers.  

        Then, finally the day came when I had my book in my hands. After years of rejections, I had my first published book in my hand! All this was made possible because Adam and his team at Raider Publishing cared more for me, the writer, than for themselves. They wanted my book on the shelves just as much as I did…and they put it there.

        Now, with my second book to be released soon, the companions of Raider became friends, among friends I feel at ease, and I can now concentrate on what I love to do most, writing stories!

        Adam and his team will take care of the rest!

        - Daniel Joubert

          Author of Mandleve's Gold

“Raider has realised a dream for myself when they agreed to publish my work. From the initial process, Adam has been very professional in helping me to achieve a lifelong dream. I haven’t worked with any other company like Raider, when it comes to service and professional help. I am currently working on my next book, and would like to continue working with Raider. In the very short time since my book was published, I can not express myself enough, and can not tell you what this has meant to me as a first time author. Once again thank you for all your help and professional assistance”

David Thompson

Author, Skeleton Coast

The story of granduncle Teddy had been on my mind for many years, since first I heard about his life.  Fifteen months ago, I began writing his story.  As time passed, the story came together and the research produced important facts, proven to be factual and accurate.  At last my book was finished so then I sought a publisher - a daunting task.  I contacted several publishers - then I discovered Raider Publishing International. 

From the start, I felt comfortable with them.  Adam Salviani dealt with me most of the time.  He showed interest in my story and he always answered my boring questions!

Everything Raider promised from the start, they delivered.  Whenever my next book is ready, I will approach Raider Publishing International before any other.


Ursula Boylan O’Gara

Author: ‘Teddy - A True Story’.   

A big thank you from Lyn Peckover, author of “the Sacred Rainbow”


I would like to thank Adam and Raider Publishing International for giving me a chance to have my children’s story published with them. I wrote “The Sacred Rainbow” in 2005 and last year I dedicated the year to finding a publisher. After sending to 52 agents and publishers in the UK and USA, my 53rd try was successful.

The main reason I wrote my story (1st of three) was to bring awareness to the disregard the world has for the San people of Southern Africa. My hope after being interviewed on the Authors Corner and Raider’s creation of my website, is that many people were listening and have shown an interest in my story.

I am proud to be a part of Raider and look forward to the growth and new ideas that Adam and his team continue to bring forward in assisting aspiring writers and poets. May your business be very blessed and successful!

         Many thanks for your professionalism, friendship and great assistance in  
    transforming my dream into a reality.

         Even though other publishers were willing to publish my work, I decided 
    to settle for Raider Publishing International as their professional ethics and 
    business integrity really appealed to me.                        

     Throughout the whole publishing process, Adam kept in regular contact with me. His customer service was outstanding but most of all, effective.  Adam’s passion and genuine willingness to assist writers become authors comes from his own experience as a published author. It was not only a pleasure working with him but it was also educational. I would highly recommend Raiders Publishing International to any aspiring writer who is looking for a quality service.

    Raider Publishing International provides a personalised service that turns writers’ dreams into reality. With them, you’re not just a client, you’re also a friend. They have the willingness and ability to transform writers into authors. They are never satisfied unless you're satisfied. Isn't that what genuine service is all about!


              Chris Barry

              Author of Life’s Final Furlong & Truth Behold

When I was a teenager, I used to scribble on the back of my examination question papers while waiting for the time to pass. Some of these were diaristic poems, meant to keep my mind from the hardships of my adolescent years. Others were ideas for novels I might one day write. The rest were mere frivolous drawings, entertaining my mind in lieu of the boredom.

As life progressed, I worked hard to maintain the debts that tried to catch up to my salary. I’ve loved and I’ve hated. I’ve fought to protect the ones I love, and to keep down the darkness that attempts to weaken our spirits through depression and despair. But, through all this the poems, ideas and frivolities are constant, always shaping my mind and motivating me to find that light at the end of my tunnel.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said “A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.”  Shadowolf grew into one of these ideas, encompassing my mind so fully that I could not ignore the tales I felt that I had to write. But writing words on paper can only get you so far. It is a mere jumble of sentences that ‘normal’ people attempt to understand. So how do you get the world to read your tale? After writing for so long, stretching the idea to enormous dimensions, how do you prove to the world that your tale is one that cannot go untold?

Any writer would say get published. To me, this answer is too simple. My answer to any new writer that doesn’t know where to start is this: be published by Raider Publishing International.

Before I knew about Raider, I searched around for Publishers. Here in South Africa, the market for Fantasy is not yet realised for its value, so many turned me down on the basis of the genre market. Internationally there were many more opportunities, but finding the right publisher was also a difficult task. I would have had to sell my car, maybe half my brain and a leg just to afford some of the contracts. Others were reasonable, but the terms of the contract were not what I had had in mind. Then there were those that were so full of legislation that I felt like I was standing before a judge and jury.

Just when I was about to give up and switch off that light at the end of the tunnel, I came upon Raider. Not only did their terms intrigue and excite me, but Adam Salviani’s positive response right from the start until the acceptance of the draft stunned my mind into numbness for a few days. Suddenly all that scribbling began to make sense; suddenly the world I had created became alive. Raider handled my novel with such professionalism that I felt like an author from the start, even before I signed the contract.

Since then it has been nothing but a pleasure and a high privilege to work with Raider. When other people speak of publishing houses I ask “Who?”, because Raider is the only publishing company that really stands out with regards to loyalty and commitment. They never fail to market your work to international stores and online sites. When it comes to keeping in contact, Adam never failed to let me know what was happening and advise me on the best approaches to any given situation. They always make me feel like all I need to do is write the book, and they will take me the rest of the way. 

I will always remain loyal to Raider, and their motto “Changing the world one book at a time” is my heart’s creed. I am assisting two upcoming writers in realising their dreams too, and they are determined to be published by Raider after seeing how efficient and gracious they are. What are you going to do to help change the world? Are you just going to sit in your house and talk about it? Or are you going to sign up with Raider and be noticed?


Shaun Michael Jooste             Author of Shadowolf: The Windfarer

         In a nutshell, they have been really really good. Adam has been my contact throughout the publishing process and has always been prompt in both keeping me up to date with progress and answering any queries I may have. He booked me onto Global radio for an interview which was broadcast throughout America and on the Internet. My initial book 'Tales of Eathreal; the Last Warrior' was vanity published (Melrose Books) and I felt I had no help from the Publisher involved and it cost me a lot of money with them slicing the biggest part of the royalties. I am working on another book 'The Hitchhikers Guide to Prophecy' which has been commissioned with an advance, but even then I feel Raider has been easier to work with and quicker to reply and encourage. While they continue to publish my work, I will continue to use them without any doubt. (I have plans for another book) The Cyprus Event below is now going to Cyprus for sale through a friend of mine who lives there. Raider has supplied a number of books to him at trade price, which I think is better than he hoped for. They have taken an active interest in the sales of the book ensuring that my own interests have been protected. I would say for the writer who needs help get into the 'published author elite', they are second to none.

            Alexander Kirkwood

            Author of The Maltese Crisis and The Cyprus Event

         I consider it to have been a very lucky day I contacted Raider Publishing and made contact with Adam, because after going down the route of various other 'so called' publishing houses, I came to realise the only thing they were after was my hard earned money for very little, if anything in return. I can honestly say, Raider Publishing has met every promise they have made, actually I don't know how they do it for the amount it costs, in fact it's unbelievable when after almost falling into the clutches of publishers who promised the earth for a fee of thousands, that such a guy like Adam performed the same services, including marketing for a mere fraction of the cost. And I have to say, those same services have been second to none. Everything is on a very professional yet personal level, and he controls along with his staff, the whole process from start to finish. In other words, he's not one of these people who cut and run once a contract is signed. He honours every word in the contract and has always been available personally to answer any questions and ensure everything is as you want it. It's the old fashioned way of doing business, the honest way. To date I have had two novels published, had a 10 minute slot on Global Radio in LA to promote my first book, and when I log on to Google, I find its listed with more than twenty book stores worldwide.... Never in my wildest dreams did I expect such coverage... actually it came as bit of a shock. But that is the nature of the guy, he's a writer and knows how to promote works and he does exactly the same for his clients. Another positive, he has a base in South Wales. But the best thing of all is, Raider Publishing is a young, dynamic company out to prove to all the charlatans and 'rip off merchants' that one can become a published writer on virtually ones own merits and a little help from a person like Adam. I hope I've managed to assuage any concerns you may have had, in actual fact, I have a steel company based in Taloja, Mumbai. So you see I am a business man with interests other than writing, but a businessman all the same, and I know a good deal when I see one. Publishing with Raider International has been one of those good deals.

         Trevor Timbs

         Author of Policy, Salford Sunrise and Lallapaloosa