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Death of Satan
            By Hasan Fitaihi

A mysterious cloud with living beings in it, is hovering over Earth and electrifying certain members of the human population with currents and volts. Those hit are given supernatural powers without instruction. And schools form to help. The electrical life forms tell a story of how Satan has brought an ancient alien feud to Earth, where the aliens abduct humans hit by lightning towards a mysterious purpose and then return them. Demons are, also, trying to flare battle on Earth and come in the way of the bounty of the clouds. These emissaries of evil battle human heros with supernatural abilities - hit by the clouds, as the electrical life forms claim. At the same time that these events are taking place, the electrical life forms continue, God and His angels are looking to assist the forming heros on Earth from the encroachments of evil, and wish to aid humanity to better harvest the clouds. The Divine also enlightens, that the source of religion is one and that the faithful should unite for the final rapture. But will Evil succeed in delaying the rapture or in swaying humanity one last time? In a last act of malice, it just might...

Raven's Heart
         By P.R. Bean

Sarum, a bloodthirsty vampire, has lusted after Raven for years. Raven, a beautiful young woman held captive in her own home by her parent's to protect her from Sarum, longs for love,, and the touch of a man. While spending many lonely nights in her home in Kelsey manor painting and playing music, she sees a dark handsome stranger watching her one moonlit night and her imagination runs wild. While on a trip to Dunmore with Seamus, her best friend, she meets her dark stranger on the road to Dunmore cliffs. This man soon becomes someone she can't live without, but he also has a secret. Will she heed her Father's wishes to remain captive until Sarum meets his doom, or will she take a chance on love and the possibility of death? This is a short, thrilling tale of love, vampires, and lust.

Wings of Spirit: Trojan Triangle
          By George Tielen


Celest Cerro's mother has vanished ten years before. Now her father, Alessandro Cerro, richest man on Curacao and famous philanthropist, is imprisoned, accused of smuggling drugs onto the island using his hotel business as a cover to veil his criminal background. When he is kidnapped from prison by Colombians and accused by the media of being the Mole, Celeste's heart is broken again. This infamous Mole is an enigma, believed to move in the upper circles of Curacao while being a partner of a Colombian drug lord. When Celeste and her friends, the helicopter pilot Wings and well known reporter Jules Paige try to unravel the mystery to save her father, they only get deeper into a treacherous morass of double-dealing government officials and the unscrupulous drug mafia. To their great surprise they find out that an incident in Celeste's parents past, three decades before, is the key to the dramatic events of her parent's disappearance.

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