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Other publishers may claim to care about their writers... but as we all know... actions speak louder than words! This company has been founded by a writer who has been through the system of some of the biggest publishers around today. The truth of the matter is, most publishers will give you less than ten percent of the royalties and some will even offer you as low as two percent of the overall sales of your book! In addition to that, all of these publishers will refuse to promote your book to the world... leaving you to do all of the hard work, while reaping none of the benefits!

This is where we come in...

Raider Publishing is the first publisher to offer authors more than fifty percent of their book's royalties, while at the same time, promising to pursue promotional opportunities for you (if desired) after the publishing and distribution is complete. Raider Publishing is revolutionizing the industry. Please explore our site and see for yourself what we can do for you and your work!

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To help our authors connect with readers, we have launched
The Raider Broadcasting Network and The Raider Literary Magazine. Through these programs our authors are guaranteed to reach thousands of readers all over the world. We have also just started an Advertising Service where word of your book could be broadcast over television and radio to hundreds of thousands of potential customers. For more information please check out either the Broadcasting Page or the Magazine Page of this site.   

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