Raider Publishing International 
About Raider Publishing
Raider Publishing was founded by writers in 2005 and has published over seven hundred titles from authors in over one hundred countries. These titles include many bestsellers and international award winners. Raider titles traditionally are strong sellers, with at least one Raider Book being sold every forty five minutes, somewhere in the world.


Founder Adam Salviani is a professional novelist who became fed up with the traditional way of publishing.


"I had traveled the world (at my own expense) promoting my book in seven countries on two continents over six months.  I spent countless hours arranging these events, while my publisher did nothing to help.  As it turned out my novel was quite a success in several places, but I only earned eight percent of the royalties, while my publisher walked away with ninety two percent of the profits... after I had arranged and personally attended book signings all over the world, for a book which I had spent over a year writing.  It was then that I decided I would start my own publishing company that treated all of its authors with the respect that they deserve.  We are the only publisher in history to offer the author more than fifty percent of the royalties of their work.  We are also the only subsidy publisher that will arrange book events for you if you would like us to do so.  Here at Raider Publishing we care about our writers and we look forward to working with them not only as clients, but as friends." 

                                                                                                                                   - Adam Salviani

Raider Publishing provides a high quality publishing service with constant support for the author along with top rate service... a combination that can't be beat...

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise Raider Publishing has established a business relationship with our customers that lasts a lifetime!